Krakow, September 28, 2017




Polemica is the name to remember. Now I know. But a few days ago I was totally ignorant of the existence of this miracle. I am really busy these days as the oppresive state does not stop to let me take a deep breath, and try hard to to fight for survival, so I considered passing on that.

But luckily for them, and even more for me, the gig was to take place at the Warsztat DIY space, which is just like Jimmy Smith: incredible! Now, I don't want to sound boring, as I have repeated that over and over, but Warsztat successfully continues to be the best place in Krakow to learn about the most exciting groups, old and new, playing independent, noncommercial music from all over our dying planet.

So you just can't ignore it easily. And when I was checking the gig announcement, it struck me that one of the band members was Hilary Binder. Well, I have known her quality music for most of my adult life, so it was obvious that I had to drop everything and go to see her. Especially that I knew her as an accomplished drummer but there was my first chance to hear her singing.

I am aware that she has a side career with an a cappella female quartet Kačkala but I do not know much about it.

I quickly checked Polemica's first (and still only) album Keep Your Laws Off My Mind and it caught my ear on the first hearing. During that initial listen I liked all the music and noticed they had a very skillful bass player.

So the next day I storm the club and am greeted by four smiling faces. Nice, friendly, open people. And great musicians as well. And spreading some important messages. You just can't imagine a better combination. At least I can't.

During the first minutes of their soundcheck it turned out that their live sound surpassed all my expectations (on that night the PA man was Lukasz from Warsztat). And that is why, by the way, if you want to experience Polemica in full, you should absolutely go check them live or buy their limited edition album (I only wish it had a lyric sheet). Preferably do both.

Polemica played a lengthy set offering material both from their first and from the coming second album. The music was intricate and varied. The drummer Vic was passionate and dynamic, the guitarist nad synth man Zilvio had full, mature sund, the bass player Giulio was both simple and sophisticated with a bit of distorted, funky sound. Hilary was able to forget her past vocal training and did whatever she wanted and whatever was useful or necessary for a specific number.












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