MIKE WATT & Il Sogno del Marinaio

 2017 TOUR

with Pochwalone 

Krakow,  October  16,  2017




Yeah, double trio on the time. On the time of arrival, that is. Because this time Mike Watt & Da Marinaios are tugging a boat of a fresh crew of three called Pochwalone.

Well, I saw both bands exactly a year ago in two different Krakow venues. It is interesting to see them perform together now and observe how they have changed.

I went to check Pochwalone to the great Warsztat DIY space last autumn. It seems that the group founded at the end of 2011, went through numerous transformations and when I saw them, they were just entering a totally new phase. Originally a larger unit playing a combination of punk and ethnic music was now a power trio with strong punk rock roots but many other references, like funk rock, as well. 

Nika the singer was in many bands before, of which Post Regiment was perhaps the best known and successful. She has a good sounding, powerful voice and gives Pochwalone lots of energy. The bass playing Tekla also used to be a part of many groups and musical projects. She uses numerous guitar effects like wah wah and some kind of distortion among them and employs different playing styles using both her fingers and a pick. Slapping seems to be her favourite. The drummer Dominika is the youngest of the three and brings plenty of vitality and some fresh, dynamic banging.

Pochwalone have made amazing progress since the time I saw them last and this gig was undoubtedly a milestone in their short but fruitful career as a trio.

There comes a time for a maritime time and this time it was Il Sogno del Marinaio time. A trio as usual, now they had a new drummer, Paolo Mongardi. Sporting a Wretched T-shirt and emerging from his grindcore past, he definitely gave the band a new edge. If you change just one element in a trio format, it usually has significant if not colossal influence. So, although the band seemed similar to the old line-up in many respects, it was so much new and different at the same time.

The guitar player Stefano Pilia and the group itself sounded less prog this time. There seemed to be less experimentation in favour of a more aggressive, dynamic, energetic and swinging approach. Most of the material sounded new and brushed up to me except perhaps for their old song titled Mountain Top.

Mike Watt whose playing skills and performing experience are enormous, will never try to impress you with his talent. He knows prefectly well what, when and how to play and hits the right notes at the right time. He will play fast or slo, hard or soft. Always choosing the best means to express himself best. And he is a soloist and a part of the rhythm section at the same time. A true musical giant.  








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